20 Inch Recycle Kraft Paper Roll 60# Basis Weight


20 Inch Recycle Kraft Paper Roll 60# Basis Weight

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These natural recycled kraft paper products are made from 100% recycled fiber, more environmentally-friendly than Natural or Virgin Kraft. This type of paper has a little less power and strength than Virgin Kraft and commonly used for wrapping, interleaving, or void fill. Great choice for all wrapping application including bundling and stuffing.

Product dimensions:
20 inch width x 600 foot long

Product weight:


  • Standard weights 60#
  • Natural recycled kraft paper
  • Recycled Kraft Paper is environmentally friendly.


Usage Tips:
Recycled Kraft is widely used in dunnage and void fill applications, box and tray liners, interleavers, as well as newspaper bottom wrap.

Additional info:


PPKR-2060-R- #04054

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