48" x 48" x 32" Wooden Bakery Display 2 Tiers


48" x 48" x 32" Wooden Bakery Display 2 Tiers

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This attractive Wooden bakery display is perfect for displaying your fresh and delicious cakes. Put a huge tart on top and muffins or breads on bottom to attract your customer's attention and let them choose which one they want to buy. Perfect for self-service bakery, its perfectly displaying your welcome cakes. Let keep your cake save from lapse or fall off by adds bumper for extra protection.

Product dimensions:
48" Length x 48" Width x 32" Height

Product weight:
45 lbs

  • Color: Soft Brown
  • Material: Solid Oak
  • Optional bumper available
  • FSC certified wood
  • Two tier
  • Merchandise shelfs at lower section

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

FX-DSP-BKR-TB2 #02157

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