5 Gallon White Plastic Pail With Metal Handle


5 Gallon White Plastic Pail With Metal Handle

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These versatile HDPE pails comes with .090 inch(90 mils) thickness, our Heavy-Duty Pails are strong enough for use in shipping applications and durable enough for the most demanding storage applications. FDA approved. Pail only, does not include Lid.

Product dimensions:
10.5 inch diameter x 14.5 inch height

Product weight:

  • 5 Gallon HDPE white plastic round pail
  • 90 mils thickness
  • Open Head Pail
  • Metal handle and plastic grip.

Usage Tips:
Tear strip tamper evident security systemPerfect for retail and industrial marketsChild warning label.

Additional info:

BUCK-50G-UN #01283

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