6 Step Wooden Cart Display

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Product Overview

Need easy move but more featured display cart? This wooden display cart 6 step is more than you expected! This wooden display features durable spoke wheels with rubber tire that guarantee "no slip cart". This wooden display is designed to easy shop around that ideal for bakery, produce, or floral display, all sides are accessible for shoppers. 6 step multiple shelves allows for cross merchandising to reduce your cost in buying different cart for different merchandise.

Product dimensions:
48" Length x 73" Width x 37" Height

Product weight:

  • Versatile and retractable
  • Quality, durable, real wood construction
  • Adds Old World style and charm
  • Expandable 40" to 80" length
  • Large wooden wheels and casters, steel axle
  • Assembled

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

CASE-CART6 #02276


(No reviews yet) Write a Review