9 Inch Aluminum Deep Pie Plate


9 Inch Aluminum Deep Pie Plate

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This pie pan is made of 45 gauge aluminum with a 9" diameter, and a deep 1-5/64" bottom and full curl rim. Holds 32.7 fluid Oz. Perfect for diners, cafes or bakeries, deep and extra large for jumbo pie recipes.

Product dimensions:
Top Outside Diameter 9"Top Inside Diameter 8-3/16"Bottom Diameter 6-9/16"Depth 1-5/64"

Product weight:

  • 9 Inch round deep pie pan
  • 45 gauge thickness
  • Hold up to 32 Oz. fluid capacity.

Usage Tips:

Additional info:
This Pactiv product 29940 comparable toDurable packaging 2000HFA 304Wilkinson 903Chicago Metallic 194Reynolds RC 360

AFC-PA-29940 #02603

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