ADCRAFT ZZD-12 Aluminum Ice Cream Scoop 3 Oz


ADCRAFT ZZD-12 Aluminum Ice Cream Scoop 3 Oz

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Polished cast aluminimum with a yellow color coded caps. Defrosting liquid sealed in handle. 3 Oz capacity ideal for commercial or home use, you will no longer to scoop again and again.

Product dimensions:
7.25" Length x 1.8" Width x 1.8" Height

Product weight:
0.4 lb

  • Ice cream dipper
  • Polished cast aluminum
  • Defrosting liquid sealed in handle
  • Size 12
  • Color coded caps
  • Individually Boxed
  • 3 Oz capacity

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

SCO-DP12-ZZD-12 #04616

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