AEP RMF-61HY Resinite Blue 24" X 5000' Meat Film


AEP RMF-61HY Resinite Blue 24" X 5000' Meat Film

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A clear blue tinted stretch high performance resinite PVC film for automatic or semi automatic machine application, all purpose stretch food film. This product have higher oxygen transmission rates allowing meat to bloom, stay tender and look appetizing in the case and also provides a softer film with increased stretch that is more easily handled by hand and automatic wrapping machinery. An ideal film for packaging of fresh red meats and the most economy food film for automatic or semi automatic machine application.

Product dimensions:
24 inch Wide x 5000 feet length/roll

Product weight:

  • Resinite Stretch Meat Film
  • Industry standrad product (62 gauge)
  • Available clear film or blue tinted in all standard widths.

Usage Tips:
Resinite Meat Films were specially designed for automatic stretch wrapping equipment.
Used on stretch hand wrap machines from Exact, Heat Sealing and Clamco, etc. This film is also used on semi-automatic and automatic machines from Hobart, Imori, Exact, and ToleDo, Digi, & Ulma. Standard widths are 10" to 23" Special production on request.

Additional info:

MF245-35022400 #00615

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