CAL MIL 150-12 Lift and Serve Dome Cover 12"

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Product Overview


This gourmet cover is perfect for sample tray or pastry tray cover to easily serve and display delicious samples at your grocery, deli, cafe, or bakery. Use this dome cover to keep your samples fresh and sanitary, that should make your customer wish to taste your pastry. This cover would highlight your fresh products and perfectly displayed. This cover is perfect companion for Turn and Serve Shallow or Deep Tray 12".

Product dimensions:
12"Diameter x 7" Height

Product weight:
4 lbs


  • Material: Plastic
  • Lift and Serve Gourmet cover
  • Type: Dome style with hinged Door
  • Color: Clear acrylic


Usage Tips:

Additional info:


DOM-112-CL-150-12 #03627


(No reviews yet) Write a Review