CaterLine A712PBL25 Serving Tray 12" Black Round

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Product Overview

This Party Platter 12" Black Tray is perfect for used in any special occasion that needs a good look and special appealing design tray for your food.Meat and cheese, vegetables and dip or even cookies, pastries, and desserts would all look great on this black oval tray platter. Its rigid, injection-molded construction enhances its durability.

Product dimensions:
12" round diameter

Product weight:

  • WNA CaterLineĀ® Serving Trays A712PBL25 12" Round Catering Tray, Serving Trays Black Color, Polystyrene # 6, Use Lid A12PETDMLO, A12PETDM
  • Party Platter / Party Tray

Usage Tips:
CaterLineĀ® Pack n' Serve bowls, made from PET, are perfect for transport and presentation. The bowlsoffer superior sidewall strength, leak-resistant lids and unique tabs for easy lid removal.

Additional info:
Lids available(A12PETDM & A12PETDMLO)and sold separately

TRY0-12-A712PBL25-C #04736


(No reviews yet) Write a Review