Deli Paper 13 X 10.75 Heavy Wax Interfolded


Deli Paper 13 X 10.75 Heavy Wax Interfolded

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These white dry wax, interfolded deli sheets feature grease resistant that provides stain protection and sustainable alternative to cartons and plastic containers, comes in white color and perfectly size 13" x 10.75". These heavy dry wax sheets with added wet strength can be used as a sandwich wrap for hot sandwiches, the drywax allows for breathability so the sandwich does not become moist. The added wet strength helps the paper stand up to ketchup, relish and other sauces on hot or cold sandwiches. This product can also be used as basket liners or as product interleaving sheets. A multi-use deli sheets that are perfect for supermarkets, delicatessens and meat counters.

Product dimensions:
13 inch width x 10.75 inch length

Product weight:

  • Grease resistant paper
  • Heavy dry wax
  • White color
  • Comes in pop-up box to ensure easy one-at-a time sheet dispensing.

Usage Tips:
Use it as a food wrap, scale sheets, pick-up sheets, basket liner and many more

Additional info:

PPD-1310-DAISY #01015

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