Dexter Russell P94810B 12" Roast Beef Slicer


Dexter Russell P94810B 12" Roast Beef Slicer

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This 12" roast beef slicing knife has a stainless steel ground blade that is highly durable and exceptional at "holding an edge". This blade goes through a special hardening process that results in excellent corrosion resistance. A comfortable handle is very important in the commercial kitchen, where a knife must become an extension of your hand. This slicer features a black polypropylene handle that is slip resistant and ergonomically designed for comfort.

Product dimensions:
16.5" Length x 1.57" Width x 0.9" Height

Product weight:
0.5 lb

  • Blade Tip: Rounded
  • Edge Type: Serrated Edge
  • Handle Material: Polypropylene
  • Knife Style: Slicer
  • Metal Type: Stain-Free High Carbon Steel
  • Steel Shaping: Method Stamped

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

KF-7122-DX-P94810B #00185

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