Dexter Russell SG140-14WGE-B 6" Boning Knife Black


Dexter Russell SG140-14WGE-B 6" Boning Knife Black

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With the comfortable grip that this Narrow Boning Knife non-slip handle provides, you will have less strain to your wrist. This 6" narrow boning knife has a stain-free, high carbon ground steel blade that is highly durable and exceptional at "holding an edge", so it rarely needs sharpening. The stain-free high carbon steel blade features a long-lasting razor sharp edge that is exceptional durable, perfect for precisely separating meat from bone. Slip-resistant and ergonomically designed, the handle is comfortable and easy to wield, providing excellent maneuverability. This Boning Knife will come in handy when you are cutting in and around bones. Use this handy knife to get all the meat cut off the bone.

Product dimensions:
10" Length x 1.25" Width x 0.8" Height

Product weight:
0.3 lb

  • Stain-Free
  • High-Carbon Steel Blade
  • Black Non-Slip Handle
  • Nsf Certified
  • Construction: Stamped
  • Handle: Plastic

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

KF-7143-DX-SG140-14WGE-B #00186

Price: $60.00