Durable Packaging 1400-30 4 Oz Aluminum Foil Cup


Durable Packaging 1400-30 4 Oz Aluminum Foil Cup

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This utility cup is made of sturdy 30 gauge aluminum with a full curl rim comes with 4 Oz capacity cup. A Perfect solution for bake and serve cake like cupcakes, flan, creme brulee, mini muffin and many more. Ideal for selling and take-out application, board lid and plastic lid available(sold separately).

Product dimensions:
3-1/4" top out diameter x 2-15/16" top in diameter x 1-9/16" Vertical Depth x 2-7/16" Bottom diameter

Product weight:


  • Durable Packaging 1400-30
  • 30 gauge thickness
  • Holds 4.2 fluid Oz


Usage Tips:
Board and plastic lid available

Additional info:
This durable packaging 1400-30 product comparable toPactiv 423HFA 341Wilkinson 423Chicago Metalic 904


AFC-DP-1400-30 #02615

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