Durable Packaging Foil Steam Table Pan Full Size


Durable Packaging Foil Steam Table Pan Full Size

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This aluminum steam table pan is made of economy gauge aluminum foil that can hold up to 346 Oz fluid capacity ,very convenient for take out food, caterer but yet has shiny elegant look for the buffet/party. Can goes directly from the oven to dining without changing container. Practical and economical disposable foil pans! Ideal for baking, broiling, and also perfect for food transport and storage. Lid is available in aluminum or clear plastic.

Product dimensions:
Top Outside Dimension 20-3/4" x 12-13/16"Top Inside Dimension 1-9/16" x 11-5/8"Bottom Dimension 17-19/32" x 9-21/32"Vertical Depth 3.375"

Product weight:

  • Durable Packaging 6050-50
  • Holds up to 346 Oz. fluid capacity
  • Comes in economy gauge
  • Full Curl Rim Style.

Usage Tips:
Foil lids available in economy gauge and plastic dome

Additional info:

AFC-S110-FS7900-70 #02674

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