Fleetwood SKG 2 HP Electric Meat Saw


Fleetwood SKG 2 HP Electric Meat Saw

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This product is built very sturdy to be used by the butcher shop. This product is made of ALL STAINLESS STEEL, which is perfect for this tool. This tool has a Door that is easy to be removed, except that there is also an adjustable tentioning system, then the wheels can also be removed, and the tool also has a blade cleaning system. The wheels are balanced, will provide non vibrating sliding table for cutting precision and easy to adjust to get the consistency of thick cut.

Product dimensions:
36" Width x 32.5" Depth x 71.6" Height

Product weight:
265 lbs

  • Using 124" blade ,15" throat
  • Stainless steel moving feed tray for easy cleaning,steel constructed with electro plated finish.
  • Cutting size:15 3/4"x15 5/32"

Usage Tips:

Additional info:
2 HP motor ,60hz,1phase220 Volts

SAWM-FW-SKG #03052

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