Glass Cleaner Liquid 1 Gallon


Glass Cleaner Liquid 1 Gallon

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This Mr.Clean Professional 25041 ready-to-use glass and hard surface cleaner is an advanced formula containing deionized, softened water, alcohol and grease cutting solvents. It also contains a unique ingredient that causes the soil to wick" into the cleaning cloth to leave a no streak, squeaky clean surface that Does not attract dust and dirt. Quickly removes fingerprints, smoke film, grease and other soils.

Product dimensions:

Product weight:
10 lbs. Each

  • COLOR: Clear Turquoise Blue
  • ODoR: Alcohol
  • VISCOSITY: 10 cps
  • pH: 9.0
  • FLASH POINT: >105° (TCC)
  • WETTING: Excellent
  • DETERGENCY: Excellen

Usage Tips:

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CHM-GC-LR-25041 #02329

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