Intercon Concentrated Tile Floor 1 Gallon


Intercon Concentrated Tile Floor 1 Gallon

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Intercon - surfoot ez Foaming cleaner & degreaser for use on quarry tile floors. Employs bioactive enzyme to digest oils & food soils without use of harsh chemicals. 30 packs / single use packets Available. This new generation foaming cleaner and degreaser is specifically designed for use on quarry tile floors. As the bioactive enzymes digest food soils, they reduce odor caused by decay. Floors cleaned with SUREFOOT EZTM provide positive traction and result in a cleaner, safer work environment.

Product dimensions:

Product weight:
10 lbs. Each

  • Product Properties
  • COLOR Clear Green
  • ODoR Fresh
  • pH 8.5

Usage Tips:
Features...Benefits1 Oz/gal Use Dilution Highly EconomicalBioactive Enzymes No Harsh CausticsConcentrated Surfactants Unparalleled Cleaning PowerImproves Traction Safer Work EnvironmentBrightens Grout Lines Improved Sanitation PerceptionNo Rinse Formula Labor Savings
DirectionsFor daily cleaning of quarry tile or other porous flooring dilute one ounce of SUREFOOT EZTM per gallon of warm water. Apply solution liberally onto floor sur face with a mop and allow solution to stand on floor sur face until solution penetrates soils. Agitate floor surface with mop. For heavily soiled areas use deck brush or machine scrub as needed. Squeegee excess solution toward floor drain. Discard mop water Down drains to reduce grease build up and eliminate odors.

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CHM-AF-IC-845 #01873

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