Intercon G600 Glass Cleaner 1 Gallon


Intercon G600 Glass Cleaner 1 Gallon

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Intercon Glass Cleaner is a concentrated product offering the optimum balance of value and performance. Formulated with pure, deionized water, it quickly removes fingerprints, smudges, etc. from glass and other hard surfaces. Safe for use on any washable surface.

Product dimensions:

Product weight:
10 lbs. Each

  • Product Property
  • COLOR Clear Blue
  • ODoR Pleasant
  • VISCOSITY 10 cps
  • pH 9.0
  • WETTING Excellent
  • DETERGENCY Excellent

Usage Tips:
Features...Benefits Ready-to-Use ConvenientVersatile Ease of UseContains Wicking agents Fast DryingNon Streak Formula Labor SavingFast Acting Labor Saving

Additional info:
GLASS & MIRRORS Spray a light mist onto surface. Wipe with a clean cloth or lint free towel and polish with a dry cloth. Do not use cloths when they become excessively dirty.PLEXIGLAS Care should be taken when particles of soil are on plexiglas, since these particles may scratch the soft plexiglas finish. Use only a clean, soft cloth when cleaning plexiglas. Spray on andclean with first cloth, polish and dry with second cloth.

CHM-GC-IC-G600 #03111

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