OMCAN R60-1 FW-2-1 35" x 19" Display Warmer


OMCAN R60-1 FW-2-1 35" x 19" Display Warmer

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Designed with adjustable trays and glass on all sides. These warmers are equipped with a thermostat monitor forconsistent temperatures. Water tray included to add humidity to cabinet.

Product dimensions:
18.75" Width x 35.5" Depth x 23.5" Height

Product weight:
110 lbs

  • Power: 1500 Watts, 110v/60/1, CE
  • Exterior Lights: two incandescent lights
  • Interior Lights: two fluorescent lights
  • Temperature: 30°-110° C / 86°-230° F

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

WRM-D35-OM-FW2-1 #02293

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