OMCAN S540A Refrigerated Countertop Cold Deli Showcases


OMCAN S540A Refrigerated Countertop Cold Deli Showcases

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This new showcases are ideal for when a floor model case just won't fit. These unit are made from T-304 stainless steel on both the exterior and interior and feature a beautiful REAL curved glass front with 2 sliding glass rear Doors. This cold display has digital adjustable temperature, adjustable feet, adjustable shelving and Double glazed glass. The high-quality digital temperature controller allows this fan-blowing unit with automatic defrost system to keep all your items cold and fresh.

Product dimensions:
47.25" Width x 21.25" Depth x 31" Height

Product weight:
231.5 lbs

  • Temperature Range: 2°C ~ 8°C / 35.6°F ~ 46.4°F
  • Capacity (L): 155
  • Power (W): 453
  • Current: 4.58A
  • Refrigerant: R134a, 270g
  • Shelves: 2

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

CASE-000-OM-S540A #06279

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