"PICK 5 FOR $19.99" sticker


"PICK 5 FOR $19.99" sticker

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These "PICK 5 FOR $19,99" printed stickers are a great tool for improving sales in your retail business. These brightly colored retail stickers will catch the eye and encourage customers to make a purchase, creating a distinctive call to action. With bright letters, this label will look so interesting on your display. Ideal for grocery stores, supermarkets and many more.

Product dimensions:
2 inch width x 1.25 inch height

Product weight:


  • Rectangle promotional label
  • Brightly colored for eye catching label and sales aids
  • Preprinted label.


Usage Tips:
This sticker is ideal for use in supermarkets and meat shops, as a direct sign with a large and easy to read lettering.

Additional info:


LBST-PICK5-0200-0125 #00692

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