Pine Wood Table Extender 24" x 12" x 32"


Pine Wood Table Extender 24" x 12" x 32"

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This wood table extender for display case will help to create an amazing spillover display. Perfectly ideal for fresh produce, fruits, vegetables and etc. This product comes with solid pine wood and heavy duty ABS plastic liner and plastic plate to protects from wooden surfaces that easy to be remove for cleaning and sanitation purposes. Use anywhere in store as drop display or cross merchandising to create a new look.

Product dimensions:
24" Length x 12" Width x 32" Height

Product weight:

  • Material: Solid pine wood
  • Heavy duty ABS plastic liner on top
  • Color: Light brown

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

TBL-PR-TABLEEX241232 #02043

Price: $125.00