Plastic Black Bin Liner Riser Insert with Slot


Plastic Black Bin Liner Riser Insert with Slot

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This Riser Bin Liner Insert for octagonal bin wil make the product have the look of high volume without shrinkage due to weight damage, it creates an abundant presentation with minimal product, as effect it maximizes your profits by reducing shrink and spoilage, and brings your product closer to your customers (they don't have to dig.), It is made of durable ABS plastic that keeps product away from moisture, smooth surface make cleans up easily and resists contamination.

Product dimensions:
42" Length x 35" Width x 9" Height

Product weight:
11.8 lbs

  • Durable ABS Plastic material
  • Creates and abundant presentation with minimal products
  • Reducing shrink and spoilage
  • Easy to clean and knock down completely for ease of storage
  • Color: Black, Dark Gray

Usage Tips:

Additional info:

BINLN-RI #02638

Price: $126.50