Produce Net Bag 3 lb Yellow 15" - 1000 / Case

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Product Overview


A netting style packaging bags, with exceptional design and functionality. These bags are made from soft, flexible diamond mesh that can gently conform around delicate produce and is strong enough to contain and protect different loads. Its open mesh design allows products to breathe by promoting air circulation and reducing condensation. These bags also featured printed header paperboard graphics for high visibility merchandising. A perfect packaging for fresh produce products and an excellent way to communicate with the consumer while allowing them to touch, see and smell the wrapped product.

Product dimensions:

Product weight:


  • Yellow color net bag with header
  • Up to 3 Lbs capacity produce bag


Usage Tips:
open mesh design provides superior breathability and visibility to the contents in the produce bag Present a visually appealing product

Additional info:


NB-S8040X15-YEL- #00574


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