Souffle Cup 5 Oz Translucent


Souffle Cup 5 Oz Translucent

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This 5.5 oz Translucent Souffle Cup made from durable and crack resistant polystyrene for any purpose packaging applications in food market today. Ideal in dining and carryout applications, Solo's UR55-0100 Portion Cups safely transport liquids, side dishes and condiments with a secure, leak resistant lid fit.

Product dimensions:
3" overall diameter X 2.3" overall height

Product weight:

  • Solo's UR55-0100 5.5 oz Translucent Souffle portion cup
  • Made from polystyrene; no flavor or odor transfer
  • 5.7 oz flush fill capacity.

Usage Tips:
Audible "snap" lid closure prevents leaksWide variety of sizes and colors availableMultiple sizes include: .5 oz., .75 oz., 1 oz., 1.25 oz., 2 oz., 2.5 oz., 3.25 oz., 4 oz., 5.5 oz.Uses the same lids as the PETE Souffles
Ideal for cold application.

Additional info:

SFC-SO-UR55 #02372

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