Tape GUN 2" Wide 3" Core

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10.00 (in)
3.00 (in)
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Product Overview

This Packing Tape Dispenser DP232 is the best way to assemble boxes. Featured durable plastic hand grip for comfortable handle, roller system taping and adjustable break for the quickest and effective way to assemble boxes. These dispensers are designed to survive rough handling and are equipped with tension control capabilities for easier tape application.

Product dimensions:

Product weight:
2 lbs

  • Tape Dispenser Gun 2" Wide 3" Core Solid Frame T290
  • Metal and plastic construction.

Usage Tips:
Roll-on pistol grip dispenserAdjustable brake for tension controlSmooth tape application.
Used with 2" and 3" Tape Rolls

Additional info:

TPBX-0203 #00190


(No reviews yet) Write a Review