Theochem Glass Cleaner Liquid 1 Gallon


Theochem Glass Cleaner Liquid 1 Gallon

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This Theochem 0597 SHINE-O-GLASS concentrated glass cleaner liquid is an industrial-strength formula that cleans glass, Acrylic and tinted windows. leaves glass surfaces sparkling clean with no streaking or film. It's ideal for removing smudges, dirt and dust from commercial windows.

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10 lbs. Each

  • This non-streaking glass cleaner is liquid gold for any hard surface
  • Imparts a monomolecular film to prevent resoiling
  • An ideal non-film cleaner for stainless steel
  • The product is great for all hard surfaces
  • It is non-streaking, non-smearing and surfaces stay cleaner longer
  • Can be diluted 1:10.

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CHM-GC-TC-100597-0646 #04321

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