TORREY 1378-B 60mm Blank Scale Label


TORREY 1378-B 60mm Blank Scale Label

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This TORREY blank scale paper label 1378-B comes in rectangular shape with 58 mm width X 60 mm tall size. Features a self-adhesive that will ease you to use this label on weighing and pricing needs of your butcher shop, market, deli, grocery store or other business. These 58mm x 60mm Tor-rey scale labels are used for Tor-rey PLS-40L scales and Tor-rey LSQ-40L scales.

Product dimensions:
2.28 inch (58mm) wide x 2.36 inch (60mm) tall

Product weight:


  • 58mm x 60mm label for Tor-Rey PLS-40L and LSQ-40L Scales
  • Comes in 1.5 inch core diameter
  • With self adhesive that suitable for most surfaces.


Usage Tips:
Used for Tor-Rey PLS-40L and LSQ-40L scales

Additional info:
Also available in various designs with bright, eye-catching colors, these labels come in various sizes to allow for UPC labels, price information, and text.


LBSC-1378-B #03114

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