Western Plastic Foil Wrap Sheet 12 x 10.75 Inch Interfolded

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Product Overview

A practical way for foods wrapping, with aluminum foil natural function to keep the food warm for a longer time. Super fast preparation, comes in interfolded sheets, dispense one-at-a-time from convenient pop-up Box hooding so the next piece of paper pops right up, provides greater sanitation, faster service and lower labor costs.

Product dimensions:
12" Length" x 10.75" Width

Product weight:

  • Western Plastic 633
  • 12" x 10-3/4" Interfolded foil Pop-Up Sheets
  • Standard duty aluminum foil
  • Sheets dispense one at a time.

Usage Tips:
Kosher Certified.

Additional info:
This WP product excatly the same Comparable toDurable Packaging 12102El DoraDo 643Reynolds 720.

AFS-P10-WP-633-cs #01222


(No reviews yet) Write a Review